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Marine Metal Cool Bubbles 8 Qt Insulated B-11 Pump

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Keep your bait fresh and lively in the Marine Metal Cool Bubbles Bucket Combo. This full set includes the Cool Bubbles 8 qt. insulated and aerated bucket with B-11 Bubble Box pump. It provides a constant and stable environment for bait through unchanging water temperature and proper aeration. Hard shell bucket with .562" insulating foam liner. Special weighted air stones provide greater dissolved oxygen. The multi-purpose lid has large opening for easy bait net access, cutting surface, and mounting tabs for tools and tackle. Dip net included. Designed for fresh and saltwater use. Each unit is individually tank tested to assure highest quality. Complete and ready to use system.
  • Size: 8 Quart
  • Pump: B-11
  • Battery Life: +/- 40 Hours
  • Pumps 1.4 STL / minute
  • Ideal for crappie and ice fishing

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