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Yo-Zuri 3DS Minnow Suspending 2.75in Holo Gold Black

Yo-Zuri 3DS minnow is a tournament-level hardbait with tight wiggle action when fished with a straight retrieve. This flat sided bait, when fished in a twitch-pause retrieve style, produces an erratic action unlike any other jerkbait. The molded in pectoral fins and Internal Prism finish add to lifelike appearance, which produces incredible reaction strikes. This smaller 2-3/4 in size, imitates smaller injured baitfish, which some anglers refer to as a Bite-Starter. Lure works in both fresh and salt water. Hooks are Black Nickel Round Bend and lure body is tough and durable ABS resin material.
  • Lure dives 1-2 feet, suspends, and has unique swimming action
  • This unique body shape features a one of a kind erratic darting action
  • Great for both fresh and salt water
  • Black Nickel round Bend Hooks
  • Tough and durable ABS resin material
  • Tight wiggle action when fished with a straight retrieve

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